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August 19, 2020
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How your primary care doctor in Grapevine TX can help you manage your weight loss

If you are trying to lose weight, that’s an excellent choice, but sticking to a weight loss plan can be difficult. There are so many temptations including food-laden commercials, family members, and friends who like to eat, and potlucks at work. The good news is, you can lose weight, and your primary care doctor can help.

Dr. James Terry at Mid-Cities Direct Care in Grapevine TX offers a wide variety of medical services, including a medically enhanced weight loss program.

Why Lose Weight?

Carrying excess weight can be a major factor in developing serious diseases that can shorten your life. You don’t have to lose a lot of weight to make a huge difference in your health. Even losing five or ten pounds can reduce your risk of heart disease, having a stroke, developing diabetes, or being affected by sleep apnea.

When you lose weight, you will enjoy:

  • Lower cholesterol and blood pressure
  • More stable blood sugar levels
  • Less joint or back pain
  • Increased mobility and flexibility

Medically enhanced weight loss works best on people who want to lose 20 pounds or more and works to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight safely, without fad diets or diet pills that can be harmful to your body.

The program starts with an initial consultation and examination. During your initial visit, you will also receive an EKG if medically indicated, lab tests, and counseling about nutrition and exercise. Your doctor will discuss monthly follow-up weight management visits with you too, so you can enhance your weight loss.

At your monthly follow-up visits, your doctor will track your weight loss to make sure your customized program is working for you. Your diet and exercise will be reviewed.

If you need to lose weight and you are tired of the roller coaster of fad diets and unhealthy diet pills, you need to discover what medically enhanced weight loss can do for you. To find out more about this exciting program, call Dr. James Terry of Mid-Cities Direct Care in Grapevine TX at (817) 284-9875. Get started on your customized weight loss program by calling today!